Both CSV and PDF export do not include transactions in other currencies


I’ve been making AUD transactions this past month. When I went to export the transactions, they don’t show up - neither in reports for the GBP account, which is the one I top up, nor the AUD account. In the app these transactions in AUD show against the GBP account.

Help! Really need export functionality to work for Revolut to be viable for me. Love everything else.


Hi @distraqt . Thanks for the kind words!

Your statements (both PSD and CSV) will only contain completed transactions. Pending transactions need to be settled first before they will be included in your statements.

A pending transaction is a payment which has been authorised but is still awaiting the merchant’s confirmation or reversal. The amount won’t be available on your balance until the merchant either cancels the payment or 10 working days have passed and the money hasn’t been claimed.

In the app, you are notified once a transaction has been approved, not when it has been settled, which is why some transactions may appear to be ‘missing’ in your statements. Don’t worry, just allow some extra settlement time and you should be able to see everything you need in your statements.

Hope this helps!


Hey @distraqt, could you please send us a direct message with a screenshot of what you see when you export a statement? You should be able to see GBP transactions!

Working on improving our statements thank you for your suggestion! :slight_smile:


Hi Rob, it seems that was the issue. All the AUD transactions must have still been ‘pending’ hence showing in the app but not the statement. All’s working like a charm now but I’ll remember to expect that delay going forward.