Booking a hotel in USA


I’ll be travelling to NYC next year and have been looking at various hotels and was thinking of using my Revolut card to pay for the room in advance as, with the £ strengthening a bit more recently against the $, I’ve seen hotels rooms cheaper if you book direct with the hotel than through travel agents (online and offline)

Can I use my Revolut card to pay for the hotel in full in advance and then use a different card for any security deposit the hotel will want to put a hold on?? Has anyone had any experience with hotel bookings with the Revolut card??


No experience in the US. But I recently managed to use a normal credit card for guarantee and Revolut for payment in China. Just be more than clear when checking in.


I would advise against it. When you guarantee with a Revolut card, your money is blocked and then you get charged for the second time on check-out. The authorisation transaction gets reversed within the next 10 days but that may leave you short of cash during this time. I always authorise with a credit card and then settle with Revolut on check-out (unless the check-out is on a weekend in which case I prefer to pay with my Halifax card)


As I’m not going until next year, and will be paying in full on the website a few months prior to going, I wouldn’t be guaranteeing or reserving the room (I’m assuming that’s what you meant??) so the 10 day reversing/settling of the costs wouldn’t come into play as it will be done and paid for well before I leave

That’s why I asked if people have had any problems with paying for the room in full in advance with the card online or wherever before they go


Sorry, misread your post. Yes, I meant pre-authorisation at a hotel. There shouldn’t be any problems with booking online with Revolut and using your credit card to pre-authorise any incidental costs (snacks at a bar, etc.) when checking in and then settle the actual cost with Revolut on the check-out. At least, I didn’t have any in the states last year.


Sweet. Thanks Ratamon