Booked a hotel through and I was charged!


I booked a hotel at without any pre-payment.

For my surprise, I was charged of £ 139! Ok… I thought that it was an issue with hotel/ I called the hotel and they told that the bank do a pre-payment only for authorization (what they done!) and it is marked as pending, should disappear within 5 to 10 working days.

In this case it is marked as pending. Is it right? Can Revolut explain why I was charged for £ 139 only for authorization? If it is pending, I was really charged?
Usually this value is £ 1 for pre-authorization, 139 is a big amount of money for authorization!



Yes, pre-authorized funds are blocked. It is this way with any credit card, this is not specific to Revolut. Revolut shows blocked amounts as pending. It is the merchant that decides which amount is blocked and if they are going to revert it before the pre-authorization expires automatically after 5 to 10 days.


what frank said. this is common with hotels abroad, i had this many a time using revolut, the transaction will disappear entirely when funds are released. The difference with revolut and other banks is revolut actually show the amount that the hotel has blocked. If you used your traditional bank card, you wouldn’t see your bank balance change (but i think you would see your “available funds” change if there is a block…)

If they reflect this at all on the balance. Its kind of a different state that “pending” transactions. Some credit cards do show pending transactions, but not blocked ones.