Blur the account balance


I do not know if anyone offered this or not, but I think it would be a good idea to set up this so people who want an extra privacy of their balance would be able to enable this function via the settings.

I love this app and I think what Revolut is doing is fantastic. But every time I tell my friends about this app and want to show how it works, I kind of have to hide the balance as it is my bank balance after all. Same goes when I open the app in public to check what I have spent etc, anyone would be able to see the balance.

Make a functionality so once you open the app, the main balance is blurred and you will be able to check or see if once you hold it with your finger on the blurred part to expose the text and once you release it gets blurred again.


I hope this idea or similar functionality will be implemented very soon.


One solution for now is to transfer $1 to a different currency, and then show them the functionality of :r: using that currency.


Then they will think that I am poor as hell :smiley:


Problem solved.

Nevertheless this is definitely an interesting feature suggestion. A ‘demo’ feature would be very welcomed, both by customers, and by :r: as well (due to the fact that advocacy by customers will allow :r: to experience organic growth and re-purpose the marketing budget used for other purposes, such as engineering.).


That makes just a mess and confusion on the account. All I need is just 1, max 2 accounts.

I included the demo


Still I think this needs to be implemented asap or at least the entire amount not shown on the main screen as I had multiple occasions when I had to make a quick transfer or payment or simply to show that the payments went through to another account and had to hide my balance which is kind of embarrassing… Dont know why this is not taken more seriously… And regarding capital’s way of solving this problem will not work…


I would be very happy to use this feature too :slight_smile:


I think it’s far more important to blur the card details!