Blocking Card


You can currently telephone :r:'s automated service to block a lost card. That’s pretty old hat isn’t it? I went through this process with a different company and trust me phoning the UK from Australia using a public phone box is expensive, possibly more than the potential loss. A modern app only FX card is a superb idea but so are VOIP calls. So come on modernise these, hopefully rare, calls.


Hi there, thanks for bringing this up. As it turns out, you can actually block your card directly from your Revolut app which means you bypass international calls altogether. Just remember to use your app whenever you have an issue or reach out to support via chat :slight_smile:


As long as you have not lost your mobile at the same time.


That’s right @badskittler.

You can reach us here or on our social media, however, a new method may needed.


Dear Andreas my account as been blocked this morning and I have been asked to contact the support team wherein lies the problem. The in app chat will not connect me to a live agent, your phone line for lost cards is reporting an internal error when I enter my phone number and the email address is not active. Please advise how I can contact the support team please


I can see that you’ve managed to unlock your account.