Hello, my account has been blocked for security reasons, I have tried to access app chat but have been waiting for almost 5 hours now with no response. I have only had account for a few days, but have topped up and transferred over £500. i really would like access to my money, now concerned that this will be an issue when I head overseas in 10 days. Please advise


Have you skipped the chatbot with “live agent”? If that does not work try “resolved” and then start over.


chat bot said waiting for live agent, said could be 24 hours wait online, which is ridiculous!


Maybe drop @AndreasK a message


Have you done ID verification, linked card ?


no I don’t think so, I wasn’t asked to do this though? But now cant access anything in app because it is blocked


You will need to verify your ID and bank card.
As long you meet criteria( EU resident.over 18 etc) ,shouldn’t be a problem.

Send Direct message to AndreasK,he’s been tagged few times in this post.
He’ll tell you what to do. :slight_smile:


have sent a direct message, hope he can help, thank you


Hi there. Your account is fully active now. Apologies for the delay and thanks for your patience!