Blocked! WHY?


I tried to use the card in Airbnb and it was not working.

So I payed for a virtual card…

Still not working…

So I try to add the virtual card to paypal…

Result: Account blocked


Either this is solved by end of today or my money flies away and any website i can find will have this poor review of you!!!

Completely unacceptable!!!

Hey @luisabreuf83 :slight_smile:

This is caused by KYC policies and will be, in all honesty, most likely not be resolved by the end of the day but within 2-3 days :wink:

You can ask the team on Twitter for this to be sped up :wink:

Which is ridiculous. Adding a card to the service as a payment option gets your account blocked. That’s beyond baking for sure.

Actually it’s all in the FAQs.

Hi there. Your account is fully active! Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Hello all,

I was fixed fairly quickly yesterday and I just had to provide prints of my last top ups.

Please Revolut, if someone wants to put money in my account please let them!!!

Why block when nice things are happening?

Joking apart, it seems to extreme to block and then ask…

Best regards.