Blocked Non EEA Card


Since 2 December 2016 I have been unable to use my card as I’m not resident in the EEA. 6 months has now passed. Is there any realistic likelihood that this will be resolved by September?


Hey @PhilBall

I expected this to be solved fairly soon! :r:


Don’t really think so… the bloody support clear my chat history everyday, and I’ve never got reply from the compliance team… Don’t want to use it anymore but O have to get my quid out, it is stealing my money!


Hello @PhilBall,

We’re currently focusing services on the EEA, expecting this to be temporary and looking forward to expanding globally :wink:

@fourthbus I can see that an agent has responded to your query.


Andreas K.


Hi Andreas,

Please can I have a clear answer because if Revolut can’t do the job I need to get something else sorted.

Are we talking weeks, months or years?

I, and others, have been fobbed off with replies such as that above (“I expected this to be solved fairly soon!”) for months.