Blocked in Zimbabwe URGENT

Hi all,

I’m in Zimbabwe with 15% battery trying to buy a charger and my revolut has been declined twice, but payment has gone through once. Something that only showed on my app half an hour later. I need:
To know whether revolut works in Zimbabwe/any major issues in Zim
What to do when a machine says decline but revolut app shows money taken out…

Any help quickly please!

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Have you tried to contact them via in-app chat?
You can use Twitter and I am summoning @AndreasK and @JessicaZ
Hope it’ll help.

BTW. Keep receipts from ATM

Sometimes the erroneous transaction shows as ‘Pending” and does not complete. In this case the money does not actually leave your account. If it shows as ‘Completed’ you will need to raise a chargeback claim via the in app help. You will not be able to do this unless/until the transaction status shows as completed.