Blocked for no reason?

Trying to book a accommodation at Airbnb, and my account got blocked “for security reasons”. Great, support waiting time is more than a day now… Are you guys insane? What if this was my main bank account?

Went through the same thing. I had transferred £750, and the next thing I know my account has been blocked and my money is no where to be seen. Absolutely crazy to think Revolut could get away with this. I have lost my trust in them, I am trying to get my money back and I will be closing down my account for good.

I suggest you do the same before you risk losing your money!

Hi Jojo,

I experience the same problem now, I’ve sent 1000 eur to my account and I dont know that my account was being blocked. My question is how did you manage to get your money back? I appreciate for any helps. Thanks and have a good day! @Jojo