Blocked accounts and difficulties with authentication


Hi, me and my boyfriend are going to travel this wednesday so we create a revolut card to use at your trip.

I do not know why, but i cant autenticathe my account. I tried three times with my identitee card and my drive license and nothing. My boyfriend managed to do all these steps (he have a fisical revolut card).

Then, I create a virtual card to associate with revolut and revolut said that the payment was declined. After, i tried to associate my fisical card and i receive the same answer.

How i cant associate the card, and we have a lot of urgence, he tried to put my card in his revolut application. We know that wasn’t correct but we only try because we need the card and because i had some obstacles with authentication.

Our accounts are block, what we need to do to resolve this?

We are worrie because we need the account at least, tuesday.


Carolina Martins


@AndreasK can help, but you will need to wait until Monday, as it is the weekend at the moment.

Virtual card top-ups are not supported.

Please don’t use other people’s payment methods for topping up your own account.


Hi @Carolinnmartins.

As I can see an agent has responded to your query.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Have a great day.


Andreas K