Blocked account without any reason !


Hello @AndreasK and all @revolut team ,

My account has been blocked since Friday without any notification till today . I wrote to the chat support and sent emails to but nobody has any answer to give me.

They just apoligize again and again for not having any information to give me . You have my business money and now I have a problem to pay my suppliers . You just answer at that , " SORRY I CAN’T GIVE YOU ANY TIMEFRAME" .

I need my money quickly and to have any pre saved answer of your chat as this one “Please note that your case will be addressed. I’m afraid I cannot estimate a timeframe for resolution at this point” , I have to wait for 3 hours ??

What is going on ??? Can you please solve it and send me by email all what you need to solve the flagged issue ?


Welcome to revolut. I’ve been ignored for three weeks now and there is literally no customer support for this app. Totally pointless. I need to send Mo eh to Nz and they blocked my limit u til I provided more documents which I have done but that’s just been ignored. So I am switching to another provider. I just want my Mo st back that’s locked on the card but of course all attempts to contact them are ignored.surely this should be regulated by the financial services authorities


They flagged my account without any notification . I thought it is a bug but when I spoke with the chat they told me this is under security review or I don’t know what . Since 4 days they tell me they will be in touch with me after reviewing the account and nothing.

The chat give me pre saved messages as :

1 - “I understand your frustration. Your account is currently under reiew and please await further news from the team”
2 - “I have no further information on the progess of their work, unfortunately”
3 - “Unfortunately, I am not able to provide you with more details at this point. Our compliance team will contact you in appropiate time. Thank you for your understanding”

I feel I speak with robot .

They told me a team will send me an email and it is THE TEAM who can resolve my problem.
I have sent them a lot of emails but still no answer from them. NOTHING . And when I’m telling to the chat that I have no answer by email , they tell me , “sorry I understand the frustration but I can’t give you any timeframe”

Are they serious ??? They blocked all my activity and blocked wires to my suppliers . I can’t work and it’s very difficult for a young company.

I have a lot of stress since Friday I can’t sleep and can’t do nothing else than waiting for their email. I feel very bad emotionally and they don’t care but my stress is fullll


hi @FlorentFed

I requested an update for you. Hopefully, soon we will see progress with your case. :pray:


Thanks for your message but all revolut told me that since few days .
You tell hopefully but I have a business account to make business and I can’t work with hopes . I can’t deliver my customers for what they paid because you blocked my access to the account without any notification. I don’t understand what can take 5 days and why nobody can give me informations . More of that , after many emails , the “team” that take cares of my account didn’t answered me even 1 time . It s just the minimum of respect for any people in the world you know.

Look , you blocked my business, you don’t give a shit since Friday to my email but I have the respect to tell you “thanks” . So they can after blocking someones company at least talk to him and give him informations no??


@Oleksii are you still here ??? I need updates fast . Can you please answer , why 5 days ???


@FlorentFed Please wait for the reply of our relevant team to the email conversation. They will let you know of any updates as soon as possible.


@Oleksii are you kidding ???
I read this sentence since Friday … What is As soon as possible ??? When … You are a company so please get in touch with them and tell them to give answers !!! I can’t wait anymore like that so please STOPP WITH YOUR PRE SAVED MESSSAGEES


@FlorentFed I am afraid, I cannot disclose any more information for the time being. As soon as there is an update, you will be informed via email.

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