Blocked account + support doesn't work


My account is blocked. As I understand, because i pop up money from my boyfriend virtual e-wallet. I tried to reach live support for 5 hours, i tried facebook - no one helped for me. No in live chat I see text box with this text “Hi! We’re currently facing technical issues with our support chat which are affecting our ability to respond to your queries. Our technical team is looking into it as we speak and we’ll update this chat banner as soon as it is resolved. We are sorry for any inconvenience.”

I have never ever had so bad experience with finance stuff like this. Do anyone know or have similar experience how much time did it take to resolve this problem? Because all the amount is in this wallet which I need to my holiday on Wednesday.


I am having the same issue accessing some kind of reasonable support to solve the problem and I too can not access funds or resolve the issue. I have been waiting since Friday, when the app says it will take 10 minutes! This is turning into a joke!


Same issue here, I’ve been waiting on a UK faster payment for 3 days and the responses from the support team are generic and literally make little sense


I am having similar issue, support team is not responding to me at all, I had one support saying he will escalate me to relevant team, but yet nothing has been done… This is a terrible situation - never faced such before in financial area. Worth a thought.