Blocked Account - Special Case - No steps to resolve


Hello :slight_smile:

First of all, I’m super excited about your $66m Series B investment, I’m quite sure great things will happen .

Currently I ran into a problem which I’m responsible for. Few days ago I lost my credit card (another bank) and I did block the card via the app of my Bank, they are gonna send me another one shortly.

I needed to top up some money (EUR) in my revolut card to continue to use it, bummer, I did top up with the wrong card (the one I blocked), therefore Revolut blocked my account (because it’s super mega suspicious).

The only option available to unlock the account is to chat with the support which I tried many times (it’s been 2 full days I try to solve the problem, but I never got an answer and every day the waiting time is going up (4hours, 12hours, 24hours), I have a trip in few days in a different country with a different currency than the one I’m holding (EUR), so you can guess I need my Revolut Card :slight_smile:

If someone read that from Revolut it would be awesome to help me to unlock the account :wink:


Kind regards,

Ges Jérémie