Blocked account on revolut


Hi maybe anyone can advide. My mums account got locked on revolut, we tried to use live chat but not received any respond. I send her money and she tried to take it out, and then account got locked. We need to transfer then money from her, but revolut app shows it locked


Did you type live agent? If yes, you sold get information about approximately time to contact. If no type resolved, then live agent ones again.
Another methods of contact (DM):

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
    And additionally- @AndreasK in here.


And if possible dont post your complaint fifteen times :wink:


I dont post it 15 times


Thank you for your advide, we tried that but not received respond true facebook, or revolut app:/


You did post in an unrelated thread though Amateur Outfit Or What...No support after 2 days...BLOCKED ACCOUNT


What answer did you get when you typed live agent?
It should look similar to my screenshot (below)


When i type live agent no message come up. Tried after 1 hour to type REsolved, then again open live chat, at first message came with question how to help, type that ‘accont blocked’ them message that someone will reach in 1min then again 1 hour past and nothing, tried to type again ‘live agent’ but no respend


So try this:
Go to the chat
Type resolved
Type live agent

It should’ve worked.

Please feel free to publish screenshot in here.


Just let it sit, eventually someone on support will respond even if it takes hours. Don’t hit resolved.

About the lock status; you did deposit into your account and then transfered it into mother’s revolut account I hope because you can not use a card in another name to deposit, account name and card name must match. If not then account will be locked pending investigation.


Hi @Urte. I’ve sent you a DM, please check your inbox. :slight_smile:

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