Blocked account no support received


Hello I need to speak with a team leader Because My account its blocked more then 10 days for the second time i have my money in and its keep coming every week so how can i resolve this because every day someone say to me my account its under review amd take 5-7 days and every day same thing please HELP !!!


Hi there.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Your account is currently under review and you will be contacted once a resolution has been reached. Please note this can take between 5-7 working days


Yes hello i understand its under review but its more than 10 days my money its coming in this account i repeat to every one i need to pay my rent my Lanlord doesn’t wait for me tell me you give my money or not belive me i will come to your office with the police because i don’t want to stay in the strett i have 2 kids and the money its from my benefits do something please or tommorow i will go to the office


Hello what leader are you your team its keep saying to me my account it’s under review for 5-7 days so now it’s passed more then 2 weeks worh my money blocked what company is this and what kind of people u are ???