Blocked account issue


Hello, may someone in charge tell me when my account will be unblocked? I can say this is worst app experience I ever had!!!


what happened?
explain step by step


I wanted to make bank Transfer to Thailand. I am going with family on vacation there next month and it is deposit payment for accommodation place.
I did it already thru my Mastercard so no need this transfer anymore. Please unblock my account ASAP.


It is worth it to mention that 4 hours already I do not have access to my money and NO one responding from your support service team. What a shitty services you are providing!!!


You maybe think that i am support staff, but only special marked users here actually are.
I asked, what happened, cause maybe i could help, but in that case i cant.
There is in-app chat support!


Very well then! You are really nice guy.


Thank you, and im sorry i could not help. Sadly most cases of account blocking are caused by breaking some rules, and there are A LOT of rules, all in the F.A.Q. So if you dare to read them, you will probably get to the point of understanding what went wrong.