Blocked account. Digit CODE wrong



please help me. I have a big problem. I cant log in Revolut. I have error.

“Your account is currently blocked for security reasons.”

Within your bank statement

Please enter the 4-digit code in the lates top-up from card ending…

(it will look like “revolut 1234”)

My card is MasterCard. This is a debitcard. On the second side is code CVV. CVV is 3digit , not 4.

Please help me.


Check your online bank page where you can check your latest transactions. There you will see the 4 digits that appear in the name of the transaction.

It looks like this for me: “Authorisation Revolut 1234” where “1234” are the digits that you are being asked for.


Too late read i your post…

Now i have :

Account Blocked.

Your acconut is currently blocked for security reasons, please contact us.

How can i unlocked today my acconut?

Please help me.


You must contact support.


I dont have premium acconut.

Must i waiting for a monday?

Maybe someone could i help today?