Blocked account and forgot passcode


My account today was blocked without any warning ( I have been already verify once ) , I don’t remember my passcode, because I always log in using my fingerprint sensor. I can only contact support right now from app, I got message from live agent by notification, when i open app it reset completely and ask me to enter phone number again, after doing that I check support chat and I couldn’t see messages from live agent.


Use “Forgot password” an then put last four digit of the card used topup (not revolut card)


Hey @lluzak :slight_smile:

If support chat is not useful, you can reach :r: through Twitter:


thanks for help, you were right @redi, I was using my my revolut card to unlock account, but that’s be sure in Polish version of app it is only mentioning to provide 4 digits of your card, there isn’t info that it need to be top up card.i unblocked my account. Thanks again for help.


Thanks guys, I add the same problem and in the french version also they do not mention that you need to use the top up card.