Blocked Account.....AGAIN


It’s been almost 4 weeks now and my account is still blocked. I don’t have an advisor signed to my case and no one is responding. I understand that they have to ensure the security and safety of their customers. My problem is that they take several weeks on end to verify an account, when it takes an actual bank minutes. In addition to this during this time customers funds are left inaccessible. There’s no way it takes 4 weeks for them to cross check the documents provided with the information on my account.

It can take anywhere from days to weeks to get a response in the in app chat. The same in app chat that’s advertised on their website as being available Monday through Sunday during opening hours and even 24/7 for premium users.

It’s funny to think their main selling point is being able to spend fee-free while you’re abroad, but they fail to mention that your account can get blocked at any given time for several weeks with no access to your funds or contact with an advisor. Just imagine being abroad and using revolut as your main source of finance only for them to block your account.

At this point I don’t care about my account, I just want the funds I deposited before they blocked it. I’ll happily close my account after I get my funds back. As innovative as their idea is it’s really not worth the hassle and there’s some other alternatives.

All revolut really have to do is stop trying to expand and grow at a rate they can’t even handle. All these new ideas and things being implemented but they can’t even care for or manage their current customers, but yet they’re still trying to expand. In addition to this if you want keep such a time consuming and lengthy verification process it’ll be great if you could employ more staff as right now you’re heavily understaffed whether you care to admit it or not