Blocked account: 0 explanations and getting no response from support team


I have my money in your bank account. I deposit my trust in you and I get this:

My money blocked out of the blue. Unable to acces it. Unable to make payments with MY money while you especulate with it and make your own money.

I know the T&C say you might block any account at any time for “security check”.
What it does not say is that at the same time you will not give any information about it. And that after 24h and 7 trials to contact support team I have NO answer.

It is obvious that once you unblack my account I will transfer it all out and close the account.

Very poor service. You can not afford this kind of situations being a fairly new online based company.

For all the peoplw reading: there is more reliable apps, don’t trust this one. The forum is full with people complainingabout the same.