Blocked accound and no reception of money



My friend, who is currently in Népal, wanted to send me money on Revolut. I did not know this application but she insisted because she told me “that’s great”

she sent me 313 euros by Revolut. I received an email asking me to click on the link to have the money. Then, The process asked me to create an account. I did it, I had the money on my account Revolut. And then, when I wanted to transfer it on my bank account, the application blocked ! I have the message " Your account is currently blocked for security reasons…". My friend does not have the money anymore on her account and I don’t have the money too… special, no ??

For 3 days, I am talking with the assistance and no solution is found !Nobody is really helping.

Please, could you help me to have the money please ?
For a first use, that’s not the best for customer experience !!



Its their automatic block when they detect a suspicious activity which is in your case receiving instantly money from someone else to your brand new account and transferring that money to your bank account.

If you are talking to the customer service they should help you out if you manage to prove that everything is legal etc.


Hello Gwidaz,
Okay thank you for your answer !! :slightly_smiling_face:
I hope it will work because I already showed them documents…


Well then with the patience will come the reward :slight_smile: Hope all goes well for you