Blocked acccount


Dear Revolut,

I made a mistake (left the telephone in the car) and went to withdraw money. Probably location security was activated and Revolut blocked my account and now I can’t enter it. When i go the app, there is only one button “Chat with Support”, but nobody tells me how to unblock my account. There is no place to to veryfication of something similar. Please help me.


Did you manage to talk to their support team at all? Or just the chatbot? Try typing “live agent” to talk to an actual operator.


I typed live agent and he wrote me “we have a specific team that deals with such cases and I will pass you to them now”. Thats all. And no more answers to my questions and noine contacted me. In FAQ it is written tha if your account is blocked you should do a verification, but I even can’t enter my acount to do it. I can only chat and only robot replies me.


So they probably moved your chat to that team. How long ago did this happen?

Maybe @AndreasK can help.


I hope. Yeasterday, maybe they contact me later, but I am not sure now… They didn’t write me what is the period for responding.


Revolut’s support is unfortunately … let’s say slow :slight_smile:


But it works finally?:slight_smile:


Finally it usually does - question is how long “finally” takes :smiley:


Double tag for @AndreasK, maybe he can speed it up :slight_smile:


I am new user, I don’t know how to speed it up, if someone knows where should I write or call to solve this problem quicker - I will be very thankful.


Unfortunately there is not much you can as long as they dont get back to you. Andreas is a Revolut staff member, so maybe he could speed it up.

The response times of Revolut’s support are unfortunately still one of the downsides.


Will Andrease see this chat or it is better to write him directly?


He should have got two notifications when I “tagged” him. Of course you could also send him a personal message.


Thank you, Alessandro!


Hi there. Thank you for your patience. I’ve escalated this issue to the relevant team which is better suited to help you with your request. Please note a member of the team will contact you via in-app chat shortly.

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