Block out of account


Hi @AndreasK,

I’m blocked out of my account for 15 hours with no apparent reason. My verification was completed a few days ago. This is becoming ridiculous. The first response from support was 12 hours after being blocked to let me know that she will transfer me to the appropriate team and it’s already been 4 more hours


Automatic security system is always the reason, and the reason for activating itself is people not following the rules, and they are not following them because they dont read them. Of course this is in 99% of all cases and i cant say your case is the same. All i know is, as a result, this community forum is full of people who… didnt read the rules and posting account blocked account blocked…


Thank you for your reply, and despite the fact that I have read the FAQ and did not find anything contradicting my usage, it still is a credit card and people expect it to work like a credit card. You have money, you give your card, you buy stuff!
If now there’s some kind of guideline to avoid being blocked it should be apparent and obvious, otherwise stated directly and not hidden in some technical/legal document 1000 pages long.
Regarding my case, I opened the account a week ago, send a small amount to test, made a couple of transactions. Everything was fine. Yesterday I transferred a larger amount. I ordered food and begun to do my monthly payments to utilities. Paid ~60eu for my first internet landline, tried to paid for the second… bam, declined & blocked.

Now if there is a rule that indicates my activity should be blocked, probably am at the wrong company. But even so, a blocked account is a really severe measure. And as such it should have priority for support.


i agree there should be guidelines, that may prevent lots of problems…


I was attempting to increase the limits on my account, and was asked to submit payslips and bank statements which I did straight away. Then my account was blocked, and since there has been ZERO RESPONSE from support for A WEEK now. I don’t understand how this is acceptable??

Money taken by Revolut, shown as declined payment

Hi @NSi,

Have you created two accounts?


Hi Andreas,

apparently my problem has been resolved. Although I want to list the details of my case as it my help others, and also express my questions about the process.

As already said I had someone transfer me money to the revolut account. The support person that helped me, asked that I submit a screenshot of the transaction from the sender’s bank. Despite me asking how is this relevant I got no answer. And the fact that my account was not blocked when I received the money, but hours later when I begun spending it, enforces the fact that it has nothing to do with it.

If you think of it, it’s kind of absurd to get your account blocked when someone sends you money. That’s what a bank account is for, and without it, it is mostly useless. I did also ask if this will happen again in the future and was assured it will not. Lets see.

TL;DR: If your account is blocked and you have received a transfer (I can assume its for new accounts mostly) - secure a screenshot from the person that transferred you the money and await for the support personnel to reply to you. It might come in handy!


Still no response at all. Can someone please contact me?!