block my account because of security reason how can i open my account pls help me


Hei, my account today been blocked without any reason
they ask for the 4 digit code don’t know what is it
please help me


Hey @abraham :slight_smile:

It should be on your bank statement :wink:


what do you mean i not get it plz explan me i need to open my account but they block without any reason just write because of secourty reason your account been block i try to open they asking 4 code i try and try but whta is that code who can help me


Hey again @abraham :slight_smile:

You’re topping your :r: account with a debit card from another bank, right? On that card’s statement, you should see a transaction looking like Revolut*XXXX, where XXXX is the number you need.

If you still need help, you can also write to the support team on Twitter:


my bank card not come by post yet i am new and my account been block in my mobil not bank card i need to go inside my revolut app in my mobil do you get me , i never used any card


no , not thing i received


when i open my mobil revolut app i put my 4 digit pin code then open with this massage ; YOUR ACCOUNT IS CURRENTY BLOCKED FOR SECIRTY REASONS the in botom red write verify your card


then open new page write Verify your bank card please check the ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND account associated with your revoult card to view your latest top-up with a verification code. this will appear on your bank statement as REVOLUT1234


I can see your account is fully active :slight_smile: