Block charges in certain currencies


It would be nice if we could prevent charges from being accepted based on the currency…

The use case I have in mind is to ease preventing dynamic currency conversion at POS. When DCC happens with Revolut card it is always happening in GBP… I very rarely spend GBP and therefore I would prefer to block all charges in GBP on my card explicitly. That would basically prevent DCC from happening.

It has happened to me that the merchant doesn’t know how to operate the POS correctly and ends up charging GBP instead of local currency.

I think that could also help in terms of security… There could be a whitelist of allowed currencies. I think everybody would know about what currencies they expect to be charged in upfront. So if there’s a charge in an unexpected currency it would be declined.


Good idea! I had this happen to me on a big expenditure and after complaining the merchant refunded and charged me correctly. Luckily it was fixed other wise it would have cost me like 50 euros.