Block certain accounts for card transactions

I would like to deactivate card transactions on specific accounts and still be able to have other features of the account active. Today i can only deactivate all features of the account to block card transactions.

Last week i bought a beer on the revolut card. I had enough funds on the right account. The bartender entered wrong amount so my bitcoin account was charged. Since there is a large gap from buy/sell bitcoin i directly made a loss. And to explain this to the bartender was not worth while.

When one can deactivate card transactions on revolut you will not expose all money/currencies to the card, some transactions should be denied.

Otherwise love revolut

This is already possible see this thread for answer Option to temporarily disable an account

I use this to disable foreign currencies when home, as i exchange into those before i travel.


Thanks henrik!
so will i still be able to transfer money from deactivated accounts?

this would solve the problem but still would like this feature without other changes aswell. the account is not visible on the main screen.
would be easier to just stop card transactions than to deactivate account…

Yes, you can send, receive and exchange money into an disabled account. Well if you disable card transactions, that will disable usage of every currency in your account.

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okey, nice! thanks for the info.

So only thing left is to make disabled accounts visible on main screen :slight_smile:

I still think it would be better to redo this and call it “block/disable card transaction for specific/this account” or likewise since it does only deactivate two features (from my understanding): card transactions, visibility on main screen.

Really like that this community is active. Did not expect answer this soon