Block card

Hi. I just block my card by mistake.
Is it any way to get it unblocked.
Trying to get in touch with customer service by the chat line but I dont get any responds.

Just enable it again in the app where you disabled your card.

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You can block/unblock the card from the card section in the app at any time :slight_smile:

hi atfirst I damage my phone and cant use it any more… how I can use my account in my another devices? my card is blocked because I try to take money from cash point but I still dont know reason why I didt get money from cash point and why my card is blocked… HELP

Do you have any other phone where you can install the app? As long as you have access to your phone number you should be able to access the app and your account (even if you don’t you can contact Revolut and they can provide you with the SMS code anyway)

I dont have another phone at this time, but I need to take my money from cash point I dont understand why my card is blocked and why before when I try to take my money from cash point I didnt get it. I have my samsung tab only!!! what to do??? how to log in from another device to my revolut account???

You should be able to install Revolut on your tablet