Block Card and no reply or help from Support Team

Hi everyone I tried to purchase an item on board aircraft an put the correct pin and a message showing wrong pin came on and I did to more attempts and now my card is blocked. I already tried the chat, send a message trough Facebook page of Revolut ,called a live agent but nobody reply to me until now and I really need my card working.
The only phone number they have available is to block the card but I want to UNBLOCK mine.
Can somebody urgently help ?
Thank you

If you’re not sure if you remember the correct card PIN, look it up from within the app. Keep in mind that card PIN and app PIN are different things.

You might be able to unblock the card by yourself from within the app. Go to the card section and check if the card is frozen. Then unfreeze.

If your card is blocked due to 3 wrong attempts to enter the PIN, you need to contact support. Tell them everything right away. This way, you don’t have to wait to respond and support can solve your problem without getting back to you once an agent is assigned to your case. You might want to contact them on Twitter. This might speed things up.

Thank you very much for your help.