Blank cards and double authentication

Sometimes when I try to enter in my revolut app.
I have to type twice my password and when I enter in the app, the cards are blank.
To avoid this problem, i have to log out and close completely my app and log in again ( this time, my password is asked only one time and I can see the card).
Is somebody have already experienced this ?
I have a android smartphone with nougat.

I sometimes have black card with information (number, date secure code) on android Oreo, after a few uninstall processes it works now for me.
Probably it is not the same issue

For me cards are completely white, with no information on it.
Which process did you uninstall ?

I’ve just clear app data, app cache and after it uninstall it from Android app list. After two times it resolves my problem.
Maybe you also should try to temporary block your card in the app (after that it changes its layout) and unlock it in same way.

OK I’ll try this.
Thanks for your help !

One of my cards went black some days ago. The only thing that helped was to log out from the app and clear app cache. It seems some info doesn’t get refreshed properly.

I had black cards after last app upgrade. I had to clear app data, and now is OK.
Twice logging in? I sometimes have to do it.

One thing that works with the white/black cards is freeze and unfreeze the card.

Hey guys!

Thanks for your feedback. Do you mind if you provide us with a little more info?

Are you using iOS or Androids?

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Android 7.1.1 here (Oneplus 5).

Hi @anon33247966,
I’m using revolut app on a samsung galaxy a5 2017 with Android 7.0

Android 7.0 with Xiaomi MI 5.

Android 6.0, phone : Lg G4