Blacklist of not Supported Merchants

Dear all.

After surprisingly the Apple App Store Germany does not support Revolut DC as a Payment Method, I want to suggest, that Revolut is publishing an actual list of all known merchants which do not accept Revolut‘s cards.
I don‘t want to get into an even more uncomfortable situation (e. g. Hotel) with non accepted payment method and Revolut knew about the problem with this specific merchant.

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You need german bank issued card for german app store, revolut is issued in UK.

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Hey @GunR :slight_smile:

Proposed (and somehow developed) here:

Although I agree there should be something more specifical. This should change with full debit cards however! :smiley:

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Thanks a lot for your reply. Intrestingwise the In App Premium support didn‘t knew about the Apple Issue and forced me to call the Apple Support and ask Apple why I cant use my Revolut DC . Apple was very clear about this topic.
Amazing Service. Maybe Revolut should itself build up an internal Wiki.
And the Support Members should have any basic knowledge about banking and the Revolut product itself. Would be very helpful too.
Thanks again.

All services with location based subscription will check the country of the card and the country of the customer/account. Apple, PlayStation, Spotify…and the list goes on…
As all Revolut cards are UK based you can clearly see what’s wrong.


Yes, but the Revolut In App Service shouldn’t pretend as if they were hearing/reading about this issue for the first time, and wasting my time by making me to call the Apple Service.
An “one sentence answer” as yours or the above ones would have been great, the perfect quality and enough for me.
Thanks again.