Bitstamp Transfer.

I have attempted to transfer funds from bitstamp, i was under the impression that this would be instant. but I’m still waiting for funds to clear 12 hours later. I transferred the money on friday evening, does this affect it. Can you clear up how long a transfer from this exchange will take. money was transferred through a SEPA transaction.

Hi there :slight_smile:
Since yesterday was friday -most likely you will get it Monday,bit latest tuesday :slight_smile:

Thanks for clearing that up and thanks for the speedy reply on a Saturday.

I heard that there are some problems with crypto exchanges since may. Can you inform us if the withdrawal is successful? Today I wanted to depsoit some funds to Kraken but it doesnt let me and someone wrote about problems with bitstamp here as well.

I’m going to have to wait till Monday morning now to find out how it goes. I’ll post up if went as explained.

But also as far as I’m lead to believe, revolut has an agreement with Bitstamp.

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Bitstamp is unaffacted by the recent blacklisting. SEPA transfers that go out on friday afternoon post 3pm or so will not reflect until monday. During weekdays , depending on the time you make the transfer , it will happen in 4-5 hrs. If you want a same day transfer make sure you send it to bitstamp before about 11am

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I’d expect it to arrive on Tuesday. Considering you wired it on Friday evening it might be sent on Monday, arriving on Tuesday.

Most likely option :+1: :slight_smile:

I was actually transferring from Bitstamp to revolut.

I would expect it monday or tuesday latest :slight_smile:

Ok, I got a confirmation of withdrawal from Bitstamp yesterday at 11:15 gmt but still nothing in my revolut account. This was a small test transaction just to see if transactions are as quick as advertised. Clearly something has gone wrong with this transaction, how do I escalate in order to get a resolution?

Hi guys… all the messages in this thread are quite old. I am trying to find out whether it works nowadays to send money from Revolut TO Bitstamp. Could someone please confirm that it works? I am careful because Bitstamp says “You can only deposit funds to your personal Bitstamp account from a bank account held in your name. Deposits from bank accounts owned by companies or other people won’t be processed.”

I’m not sure whether when we send money we appear as doing so from personal accounts, or whether Revolut is our collective account…

I sent money from Revolut to Bitstamp without any issues. The EURO account at Revolut is in your name, not in Revolut name.

I have transfered yesterday $1000 from my Revolut account to Bitstamp, but I’ve received $975.
Where is this $25 lost? Revolut does not take transfer fees, right?