Bitstamp/Kraken to Revolut


I am looking to withdraw some money from Bitstamp and Kraken to Revolut. Did you have problems with Revolut (locking your account/blocking your money) and asking for documents? Is there any monthly limit of top-up so they don’t bother you with such blocks? I’m looking to travel in Asia and I don’t want to get with my card stuck over there till they process the docs.

Depending on the amount they will ask for verification of funds. My colleague have successfully done this. You can use a screen grap or export of your trades from bitstamp as the source.

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Just have a question: will it be stupid to withdraw 3m USD from bitstamp to Revolut? I have full source of find, yet I am worried about long processing time.

I now have two options to withdraw from Butstamp: through Revolut or HSBC HK. I am a long HSBC customer yet I don’t know the attitude of HABC towards Crypto. I am afraid they may close my account if they found the transaction is Crypto-related.

Also, will it be troublesome to use Revolut because it’s USD instead of EURo? I will use the fund to invest in stocks/bonds.

Thank you in advance.

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Yes its a stupid idea. Revolut will flag the transaction, they will ask for many many documents and in the end they will probably just return the transfer. Go with HSBC, there are higher transactions on a daily bases.