Bitpanda SEPA Transaction REVERTED

Hey there, recently had a Euro SEPA transaction reverted back to the sender (Bitpanda). Anyone got any advice on how to make sure Revolut will accept Top Ups from Bitpanda?

Need the finds and it not working.


Make sure to use your individual EUR IBAN as shown under “local”. Double check the BIC Bitpanday might automatically fill in.

Hey @Frank when doing the SEPA from bitpanda i get to enter the deets below

Bank name: Revolut
Payment receiver name: My Name
IBAN: This is the correct one for my Revolut Euro account.

Being a SEPA payment i dont need to specify the BIC?


You don’t but it doesn’t hurt to double check. There was an issue early this year. If it’s identical, you could rule this out.

Ok thanks, will try some other options and have a search around.

@dhessami any solution for this? As it happened to me for the first time yesterday too, after 4 successful payments with the same details - it can’t be a coincidence.

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Hey mate, there was another user on here that posted about a similar issue he was having with a SEPA from Kraken.

Basically from the 1st May Revolut does not support SEPA from a selection of the smaller exchanges. They have said that they will still accept payments from Coinbase / GDAX.

The only other thing that may be worth trying is to open a Fire Bank account and use it as a go between from Exchange to Revolut. Its alot of transactions but it could work?

The goal posts keep moving on all of this and its hard to keep up.

Long story short is no more SEPA from Crypto Exchanges directly into Revolut due to regulatory changes.

Sad times.

Ahh yes received an email from Bitpanda shortly after I posted. That’s a shame!

Thanks for the response mate, will look at other methods now.

Ugly move from Revolut if it’s true and not just a short term issue… Will close my account with them.