BitcoinCash BCH support

Hi, It would be awesome if revolut could support BitcoinCash BCH, among the top 5 cryptocurrencies, it has the lowest fees and fastest transactions, and has the biggest merchant adoption right now in japan and many countries.

BitcoinBTC is officially “not meant for payments” and a “store of value”, quoting main BTC leaders and core developper team.

BitcoinCash is the version of bitcoin that you can use as Cash.

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Is there any update on this?

There should be an announcement regarding crypto-currencies on Wednesday (31/01).
We expect them to open crypto for everyone, but who knows, maybe they will add more crypto.

They did say in the past that they will add more, but no specifics about which ones, or any timeline.

I’ve asked about adding Bitcoin Cash on their inapp support, he said there was no plans to add it.

Please Revolut add Bitcoin (BCH) - no one who knows anything about Crypto wants to buy Bitcoin Core anymore. Its a dead currency that has no retail adoption, the only tech it has is Lightning Network - which doesn’t even work!

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Bitcoin still has the highest value and market cap, I understand why they keep it :slight_smile: Saying they support crypto without having Bitcoin wouldn’t make sense.

Ideally they could support a lot of them, but I guess they’re limited by their partner (bitstamp) which doesn’t have a lot of different cryptos.