🚀 Bitcoin withdrawals have landed🚀

to have a complete service in crypto we need 3 main features

  • Send out crypto a not only bitcoin
  • receive crypto out of revolut ecosystem
  • A MOST important for me (daily payable interest in crypto )



I was just wondering why would you want to deposit your BTC into R? I am trying to send some of my BTC to my BF account to gain on interest :slight_smile: and that basic functionality is still missing

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does this functionality still exist? Even with metal this is not possible. Also, the 1000 euro per month limit is a joke, why there is a limit to withdraw YOUR OWN MONEY?

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It was supposed to be tested by “some” metal users, but so far no news. I am metal and Beta and I have not that option avail to me

Is there a plan to allow withdrawals for other crypto as well? Would like to have this option for ETH at least. Thanks!

Not yet as far as we know for now :neutral_face:

Regarding current limits, it’s mentioned it applies to the Beta at the moment, they will be readjusted later.

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