Bitcoin, will it be launched today? Need to upgrade the app?


Will crypto currencies be launched today? I hear fee will be as low as 1.5% while it s 10 to 20% at others exchanges. Really is it 10 to 20%? I doubt. Seems to me fees are usually 0.10 to 0.25%.


Check the FAQ on the website. It states

How do I “unlock” and “activate” the cryptocurrency offering if I am a Standard user?

As a Standard user, there are two options to unlock cryptocurrency:

1. Invite 3 of your friends to use Revolut and make sure they sign-up; or
2. Upgrade and become a Premium user!
You cannot start using our cryptocurrency offering until all 3 of your friends have signed-up to Revolut!

Once you have “unlocked” the cryptocurrency offering, you must activate it by carefully reading our risk warnings and agreeing to our terms of use.


WHAT TF this is ridiculous :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
(@AndreasK this is seriously bad)



Bitcoin will not be launched today as read on some websites.

You’ll need to update the app in order to gain access to this feature.

Also, the invitation link will be specific to cryptocurrencies. Current invitation link is not valid to get access to the cryptocurrencies feature.


Shame no release today, maybe sometime next year?


Read it will be on Dec. 10th but can’t confirm.


They just announced that it was released today… but we have to invite friends or be premium… but what if I’ve already invited all my friends who had the potential to be revolut users?

It’s a shame…


I think you’ll have to find more friends… :sweat_smile::laughing:


yeah… gonna ask my 14yo niece: "Do you wanna have a revolut card???"
or, my grandmother “Can you help me get into cryptocurrency by getting a revolut account???”

I think I have to ask strangers on the street if they want to be my friends.


I posted some link to official news about crypto in :arrow_right: another thread


Seems all the new users trying to get on the BTC band wagon are crashing the app server…

I can’t seem to do anything without it telling “something has gone wrong, please try again later.”


I am astonished there are conditions to be able to get cryptocurrencies into the app.
I disagree and I think it is non sense.
I am sure time will help. No hurries for me, mostly curious to see.
But thanks much for your answer.


You can now buy, hold, sell and transfer internally within the Revolut app. Due huge demand, we’ll roll this feature out to free users, but we have to do this gradually and our premium customers get priority as they help the business further.


Hi Andreas,
I’m getting another problem where I have introduced 4 friends with my unique link but only 1 shows and cryptocurrencies haven’t been unlocked.


Drop me a DM so I can help with this.


I have the same problem… I invited least five friends, but the crypto exchange doesn’t unlocked yet… Only one shows for me too at the crypto exchange…


We’re unlocking for everyone gradually :unlock:Tap More–>Cryptocurrencies in the app and you’ll be in the queue!

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