Bitcoin Trading

Hi I am new to the platform.
I have read that you can not top up coinbase and kraken from revolut can someone confirm that this is true ?

I have read the General terms of Service and there is no direct mention about Bitcoin in the restricted activities.
I tried to talk to support but this looks like a system similar to coinbase and I have been waiting there for over a week for a reply.

My questions are this.

Can I send money from Revolut to Bitcoin exchanges such as Coinbase ?

Can I receive money from a Bitcoin exchange such as Coinbase ?

Can I receive money from another person for the sale of Bitcoin from an escrow based sale such as



Im also interested in this. Now that Revolut has personalised euro accounts with their own IBAN now (see can one not just fund coinbase/kraken etc straight from one’s Revolut account?

I tried adding Revolut card yesterday to Coinbase but it doesn’t work because Revolut doesn’t support 3D secure. Support confirmed this.

Although, you can send money to Coinbase using SEPA. It is way cheaper because you don’t need to pay 4% fee, especially if you are going to send a lot of money.

How did you manage to set this up. Ive tried setting up coinbase to transfer money to and get to the point where i get sent a six digit code from resolut but cant enter the code or go next. Any idea wjat i could be doing wrong. Ive got a coinbase account i just want to transfer euros to it vie resolut

Oh and i know its revolut but it auto corrected it

Hi guys !
Have you got any news regarding this topic ? I want to buy bitcoins on
Do you guys know if it’s possible using Revolut ?

Hi can I use bitcoin from my revolut wallet in fx trading?
I’m quite new to this.