Bitcoin support

You have seen the 2$ fee per month? Not that I am against a monthly fee vor Revolut (actually I would pay one in reasonable amount) but for a bitcoin service?! Also as that offer is doing everything in US$ and wants fee for foreign transactions… pretty useless for the European audience.
But maybe resolute could buy them up and offer service for our US friends again?

Mobi is a sweet app but the card charges are high. I hate the idea of a monthly charge just for having a card. Mobi card charges for use of domestic atm $2.50 and international atm is $3.50 plus a 3% exchange fee. Not unusual for BTC debit cards but REVOLUT beats them hands down. Adding Bitcoin to Revolut would be a winner but maybe the banks enabling this app would find that too challenging. :thinking:

How about working together with coinbase for example to allow fee free transfer from them to Revolut and the other way around?
That wouldn’t allow you to top up the card with bitcoin directly but it would be a workaround.
And also it would prevent Revolut to deal with the whole bitcoin stuff at all as I bet it will be a problem for them to offer bitcoin and become their own card issuer.

I would love for Revolut to support topping up with BTC as well. :slight_smile:

Plus 1 for Bitcoin support.

Can anyone tell me if the new bank account feature can be used for buying/selling Bitcoin? If so, that could make life a little easier, especially if it becomes possible for me to have a Euro account as well as a GBP account?

It seems reasonable to assume that Barclays bank, which facilitates Revolut, will not in any way encourage the use of Bitcoin at this point in time. Barclays may believe that it is not currently in their best interest to do so. Reasonable enough.They have a business to run. It may, however, be in their interest to facilitate Revolut as a test bed which would make us lab rats :grin:. Mind you, their enticements are tasty. :money_mouth_face:

Has anyone actually tried to use their card for Bitcoin?

I just tried to add my card to my Coinbase account. It seemed to accept it and I saw a £1 withdrawal on my Revolut account. However, a £5 attempted purchase returned a message saying “Buy Refused” and that I may need to call the card issuer to authorize payments.

The £1 withdrawal from the Revolut card has been returned but both the withdrawal and refund are showing Coinbase next to them.

@Crepusculous You could perhaps be running afoul of Coinbase’s “no prepaid cards” rule.

Once we implement our EUR personal accounts (we currently only support GBP personal accounts), you would be able to top up your Coinbase account via a bank transfer from Revolut. This functionality is coming soon…


Can you top-up Coinbase via GBP current accounts?

Unfortunately Coinbase do not accept incoming GBP bank transfers. Only EUR and USD. If they did then yes our GBP account would work for this.


I love the idea, but I suspect out would cause endless trouble with heightened fraud checks from MasterCard.

Yes please!!!BTC support is a must

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How about BitPay?Do some research,i think this is the best solution!
You send BTC and they immediatly exchange the btc to flat currency and send the money to your bank account.


And what about Tenx card (
There’s no foreign exchange fee.

+1 for bitcoin support

I used to be of the opinion that I wanted BTC support for Revolut, but now I want them to support DASH, because it seems a better fit as ‘Digital Cash’ than BTC as ‘Digital Gold’. But I accept that DASH first needs a Coinbase (or similar) integration to allow Revolut to use the API for real-time exchanges

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Is it just me, or does the new service at look exactly like (an earlier) version of Revolut, but with added Bitcoin support?

Did they use the Revolut source code?

I have been advised today. To For Revolut to support crypto currency is impossible