Bitcoin support

I know two Bitcoin prepaid cards, both overcharge and try to hide the conversion fees. I know that Bitcoin exchange has more risk of volatility but I think Revolut could introduce a solution to buy/sell BTC pegged to the rate of a major exchange.


I am interested in using the card to buy or make payments with bitcoin, with a corresponding fee of course.


Great to hear there is a keen interest in Revolut supporting Bitcoin! A number of us in the office are very excited about the future of cryptocurrencies. Support for these is definitely on our radar, and we’ll be sure to keep you posted if we proceed with any future plans.


That would definitely be a great feature for revolut card!


Additionally to Bitcoin there should be support for Price-Stable Cryptocurrencies. The most known are BitUSD and BitEUR of Bitshares platform. They can be immediately converted to the respective fiat currency avoiding the need for exchanges.

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I keep majority of my savings in Bitcoin. But it’s not widely accepted. In order to spend my bitcoin I need to use slow and annoying legacy banking system to top-up my Revolut account. It would be so awesome to skip the banking step and be able to top-up my Revolut card with bitcoin straight away.


Absolutely agree. Adding Bitcoin would be a huge plus. WB21 already do this. Many crypto projects are hoping to produce wallets which integrate cryptos like Bitcoin with “real” money (fiat).Getting the gateways right will be the toughest part. The bitcoin debit cards available now are stupidly overpriced. Charge for card, for delivery, for zero balance, for use, for ATM for exchange etc etc etc. Revolut is way ahead. Great work guys. :yum:

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Please bitcoin support. I have a revolut account but can’t load it as I am living in a country where credit/debit card available for people only with huge cash in bank. Anyone here who has localbitcoin wallet, I want to exchange $20 USD to my revolut account for bitcoin.

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Another +1 for bitcoin support. This would REVOLUTionise everything!



But I would like a full BTC wallet functionality in Revolut, so I can operate with a BTC balance that I can switch to fiat as I need to make payments.

@Mikadily Check out Xapo for a Bitcoin debit card - works great.


Agreed. I’ve got a Xapo card, and it works brilliantly. I’d instantly switch over to Revolut if they implemented the same functionality.


@Benglian I believe Xapo is great, but at what cost? With Revolut, BTC to fiat (even physical) conversion is near to 0%. Just need to make extra steps for transferring.

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Yes there’s a cost, but not everything is for free…and you don’t have to spend Bitcoin. In fact, I rarely do, but I know if I need to that I have the option. And Revolut doesn’t have BTC…that’s the purpose of this thread…and that’s why I am here supporting it.

Yeah, could make a big impact with the early adopters who become your biggest advocates

Definitely support having Bitcoin as a currency account on Revolut so I can exchange into fiat as and when I want. Bitcoin debit cards are usually a complete rip off. Hope Revolut can get Bitcoin on board. :heart_eyes:

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+1 for this. Currently, I have no way of purchasing bitcoin with either a Payoneer or Revolut card. This feature would set Revolut apart in a big way.


Yes, will be great to have Bitcoin supported in Revolut, but until this happens I think you should give a try on Mobi app.

Mobi app was recently released ( and works in a similar way of Revolut app but with Bitcoin support.
1- Mobi allows to convert bitcoin in many other fiat currencies.
2- Will have a Debit card

I think bitcoin users should give a try.

You have seen the 2$ fee per month? Not that I am against a monthly fee vor Revolut (actually I would pay one in reasonable amount) but for a bitcoin service?! Also as that offer is doing everything in US$ and wants fee for foreign transactions… pretty useless for the European audience.
But maybe resolute could buy them up and offer service for our US friends again?

Mobi is a sweet app but the card charges are high. I hate the idea of a monthly charge just for having a card. Mobi card charges for use of domestic atm $2.50 and international atm is $3.50 plus a 3% exchange fee. Not unusual for BTC debit cards but REVOLUT beats them hands down. Adding Bitcoin to Revolut would be a winner but maybe the banks enabling this app would find that too challenging. :thinking:

How about working together with coinbase for example to allow fee free transfer from them to Revolut and the other way around?
That wouldn’t allow you to top up the card with bitcoin directly but it would be a workaround.
And also it would prevent Revolut to deal with the whole bitcoin stuff at all as I bet it will be a problem for them to offer bitcoin and become their own card issuer.