Bitcoin & Gold currency options?


What is your view on a Bit-coin please? Is it a “currency” that we could see as an option in Revolut in the future?
Would you consider giving us a “Transfer to Gold” option? Many see this as just another currency.


I’d much rather see more top-up currencies to be honest. There are plenty of products out there that let you buy Bitcoin and gold.


Yes, I registered to suggest btc and gold as possible currencies!


Bitcoin would be definitely a big pro. Gold depends on many things. Would it be physical or some derivative? Feels like far from your original purpose.


Bitcoin is definitely a great target!


I’d rather them focus on extending base currencies for the moment (e.g. CHF). This is not an investment platform


This would be incredible, even a partnership with bitgold (who store physical for you in brinks vaults etc) would greatly increase my use of revolut if I didn’t need to store in constantly devaluing fiat currency!