Bitcoin beta now open!


Anyone else got it also? How you finding it so far? :wink:

Here is the full email text:

Congratulations, you’re one of the first ever people to get access to the easiest, fastest way to buy and exchange Bitcoin, Ether and Litecoin at the best possible exchange rate!

This is a huge moment. We have removed the ridiculous fees and frustrating on-boarding processes so that any of our customers, anywhere, can access cryptocurrencies instantly at the touch of a button.

If you would like to share a screenshot on social media, please do! Just make sure to tag @RevolutApp and add hashtag #ToTheMoon.

  • Using the feature:

Once you’ve installed the beta app - open the More tab, tap the Cryptocurrencies feature and agree to the terms & conditions. You wll then be able to use our exchange feature to convert your balance into Cryptocurrencies instantly!

  • Important

Please note, during the beta we have limited the minimum exchange to 10EUR, and the maximum exchange to 100EUR (or equivalent). There is also a limit of 8 exchanges in a 24h period.

We encourage you to actively buy, sell, and exchange across multiple currency pairs. A reminder, there will be no external cryptocurrency transfers. For card spending: Revolut dynamically converts any cryptocurrency exposure you hold, in-flight, when using your card. This is limited to the equivalent of 10-100EUR.

Cryptocurrency beta is now live

Absolutely didn’t, but hey, looks so cool :smiley:
Thanks for sharing!


How does one get on the Crypto beta program?



No I didn’t receive update 4.8, but I would like to.


that offer expired in September, and now, as far as i know - 3000 beta testers got their invitations to test


i would really like to be part of the beta :blush:


Looking forward to this and will welcome any Beta positions if one becomes available.


Come on beta users: hurry proof test this so we can all finally enjoy it :slight_smile:


i am totally in love with it


A very informative and helpful blog post from @Rob_B about Cryptocurrencies…

Unfortunately I’m not part of the Beta testing programme, but I’m looking forward to Bitcoin being made available to all users.


It will be avaliable tomorrow to the public, according to revolut Twitter account.


This has to be the shortest beta testing experiment ever then


Does btc exchange counts within your 6k monthly limit or is it seperate?

I hope it is separate btc exchange is not free anyways at the first place.


That’s great news, thanks @bennydanny!