Binance blocked by Revolut

So, a few days ago I realize that Revolut is blocking Binance. I’m your biggest fan, but for that…one big :-1:t2:

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I thought it was only me, had the same issue 3 days ago, while trying to fund my Binance account with my R card…it got declined several times, tried with my VI and my MC, both same issue

same here i could add found on my binance account

I was also a Big fan of Revolut and Metal subscriber.
But from one day to the other they block the Banktransfer to Binance no notification about this just the Message Try again later. I contacted support and they give me as Reason security. Soo has Revolut a Security problem with making a Banktransfer within the UK ? No for sure not.
For me it’s unacceptable and im considering to cancel my subscription.

Surely nothing at all to do with their own Crypto plans :eyes::eyes:

I’ve never sent money to Binance, but I have HNT miners so I use Binance to sell. I’ve withdrawn from Binance to my Revolut Metal account several times with only one hiccup. One time out of the blue my deposit to Revolut was held in pending. They requested things like the address of the bank sending money and all sorts of items I had no idea how to answer. I simply sent them the screenshot of the Binance withdrawal and told them I sold crypto. They released my funds in 24 hours.

Stuff like this can happen with any bank. Transactions related to crypto are often suspect of further investigation for obvious reasons.