Billing Address for the card

I’m looking to purchase some items on the US Apple Store for a relative that lives in US, however I’m from Portugal and the US Apple store does not accept Portugal credit cards or even Portuguese Paypal. The same with other online stores such as Best Buy.

Hypothetically can I use my friends American Billing address with my revolut card since its a pre-paid card and there isnt a registered billing address associated ?

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Before i started to use Revolut i just used my normal danish credit card with a US address as the billing and have always worked. So it should work with Revolut.

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Thanks @henrikbjorn :+1:t3:

Please let me know how it goes. Going to the Apple Store (US) for a larger purchase later next month :slight_smile:

I see, maybe I wasnt clear on my earlier message. I’m planning to buy online from Portugal and have my relative pick up at the store. My issue relies solely on having a Portugal Billing Address associated to my local credit card.

And that is what my answer was for (the frist). U am just curious if the card works with Apple :wink:


Hey there ! I’m also very interested for this answer I’m a non US resident with a non US billing address and intend to buy an iPhone on the US website. Kindly let me know how the process goes for you !


@henrikbjorn Is your apple store shopping action from last year, worked fine? I have the same question today with other American store and was wondering if the store will be fine with US billing address while the revolut card address is far away from usa

Yes it worked last time.

I have the same problem, that I can not purchase something directly for family members in Brazil. Card is not accepted, because of differen country / billing address.

Is it possible to add an additional billing address to my Revolut account?