Bill split - Groups

Yeah seems so, sadly

Strange. It’s just been added back to the iOS version!

I would prefer if both would have the option instead of changing from one system to the other :smile:

Edit: it’s back in 5.29 (beta) :grinning: @markus2

It would seem that Group Bills are now back.

Seems to work fine, and you can add transactions manually too - so they don’t need to be existing transactions made via Revolut.

Only issue I see is that you cannot apportion 100% of a bill to another user - you need to split it somehow between at least two users. Sometimes I buy things on behalf of a friend, and Group Bills would mean I have to incur part of that cost (even if it is just 1 penny).

It is just a validation issue in-app, so hopefully they’ll fix that in due course.

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It looks like it is working for me.

I found this functionality great in principle as it would improve massively from splitwise ( which is what I currently use) as it would take care of payment as well.

Big flaws:

Unable to pull up any expense apart from

Unable to add to the expense list any external expense apart from those gbp denominated

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