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I work for an airline and 95% of the crew use Revolut. When we go out we regularly we split the bill between all of the crew. If there are 10 of us this takes 10 processes to split the bill. Why not allow us to create groups and then when you split the bill you can split the bill with one button press to a single group. This splitting process may happen several times a day and it’s very tedious to split the bill over and over again between the same people.

When the trip is over we can delete the group and start again with another group on another trip.


You can create already a group :slight_smile:
Payments -> Top Left Corner the Person Symbol with the + -> Group :slight_smile:


When I click that link it wants to add a new person to my account. It’s asking for a name and a phone number or email address.

I want to be able to click +. Give the group a name (EG “New York Trip” and then add half a dozen of my contacts to this group.

I mean before you click on split bill. The person with the + Symbol on the top right corner

Can you post a screenshot please.

When i Click on the split bill icon. I can choose more contacts at the time. Will that work ?

No that’s what he didn’t want :smiley: Wait a moment I will post a few Screenshots :slight_smile:


Sorry it’s german but I tried to translate the important steps :smile:

If you click on Group you can choose your contacts where you want to share your bill with.

That is interesting, I do not have that functionality. It will instantly popup the new contact screen for me to input name and/or email.

Hmm it’s App Version 5.23.1 → Android.

It will instantly popup the new contact screen

I just have this if I push on “Splitt bill” but if I’m just in the payments tab I can choose to create a group or a new contact.

Maybe it is Android only? I am on iOS.

The newest iOS and TestFlight is 5.23 no .1 release yet.

Hmm it could be. I just found it by accident a few days ago so I sadly can’t confirm if we always had this feature or if it’s new with the 23. 1 release :smile:

I don’t see that in iOS.

What I would like is the ability to create a group of people. Call it say “New York”. Then when the bill comes I pay it and then split the bill amongst the group with a single button press.

I’d like the ability to create, edit and delete groups at will.

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Yup that’s almost what this feature on android does… except managing (just create and delete works for now) and naming the group… :smile:

But at least you can create a group with people, and splitt your bill with everyone in it. So I hope you will get this feature soon too!

Fingers crossed. It’s a feature me and my colleagues would use all the time.

It is already available in the 5.22 version for android. I wonder why it isn’t for iOS

It was previously available in iOS too. For some reason this functionality was removed in the most recent updates.

Interesting that it’s still available in Android releases.

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If you click to Payments, then in Right corner click to Add, and you will see option Create Contact or Group.

Group is option, what you need to create.

Enjoy it


Not available in iOS.

Not in iOS. That option is not there.

Was this feature removed from Android? I have Revolut 5.28.1 on Android 8.0.0 and this feature is not there.