Big problems with card delivery


My card should be delivered in couple of days after registration.
Unfortunately Revolut never send it. It cause me a lot of problems because I’m currently in traveling period I need it ASAP.
It wasn’t delivered to Poland, It apparently couldn’t be deliver it to israel. Now it’s supposed to be delivered to Bangkok with arrival time on the 28.12.2017. Today (23.12.2017 Friday!) another agent informed me the cards will be sent during next week. It means the card won’t be delivered again!!!
What’s outrageous is the fact since my first contact with the revolut customer service this is the 5th agent taking care of my case. It means every time the agents switch the shifts I need to explain the case history again and again cause they don’t see it or they don’t read the messages.
Now I’m waiting for another, new, agent to tell me that my card won’t arrive on time.

Revolut management please interfere! This is the beginning of my journey with your platform and I have very irritating and bad experience until now.