BIC not accepted from the bank


Good morning,
while i was ready to make a top up,
my bank dont accept the BIC number.
BIC number is excactly as it is in my revolut app.

What is going wrong?


BICs can be 8 or 11 letters long. Maybe your bank does not accept the short ones? Try filling it up with the letter X, like this:



is this correct to fill the BIC with X?
what if the bank transfer goes somewhere else?


The last 3 digits can identify your bank branch. However not all banks use these digits as all transfers go through their head office, identifier for head office is XXX. My bank is one of those so I have to add XXX. Yours is probably the same but contact your bank to make sure.


Hi @badskittler, I believe he is talking about the SWIFT / BIC for topping up, which is Revolut’s Barclays account. Revolut shows Barclays “standard” 8 digits SWIFT in the app as the correct code: BARCGB22.

I’ve seen that some companies can’t handle these short codes, Amazon for instance. Filling up to the full length of 11 digits solved the problem here.

@jimb, in case you don’t want to risk adding the xxx, you could ask your bank. I can confirm that BARCGB22 is indeed the correct code, I’ve used it a couple of times successfully. It is also the code published on Barclays website. Your bank’s customer support might have an answer why they are not accepting the code and what to do to make it work.


thanks frank from your response,
tomorrow i will go to the bank,
so maybe, i 'll post their answer.


Maybe worth to mention that in the FAQ of Revolut?


Dear Revolut, I inform you that I did not manage to perform a credit transfer from my Italian Deutsche bank account: bic was reported as wrong, either with XXX at the end or not. I performed the credit transfer from my Ing Direct account.


REVOGB21XXX works fine.