BGN leva


When will we be able to convert BGN leva?


C’mon, you guys should have accepted the Euro :smiley:
Your country motto is “Unity makes strength”! (thank you Wikipedia, I learn new stuff every day!)

Seriously I have no idea about GBN :sweat_smile:


Do you think Bulgaria doesn’t want to migrate to euro?! :slight_smile:


I honestly have no idea, I only read the wikipedia article about this :sweat_smile:
Which linked to this document:

Bulgaria, 39% are for (end of 2017)

As far as I’m concerned, you’re in Europe, you’re in the EU, so you’re very welcome to join the party, the more the merrier :hugs:

Edit: for anyone interested, you should look at this document, lots of interesting stats about the EU! love it! :nerd_face:


Most are in favor, but the procedure will take at least two years. Hopefully we will be able to have BGN accounts before that.


Yeah revolut guys, I would also love to have a BGN account to be able to use the card on a daily basis, as it stands its mostly a travel convenience. Is there a way we can help you along in implementing BGN? What needs to happen and is there a roadmap for it? Thanks and keep up the good work.


This is a community built around a fintech company that we all love. It’s not a place for political propaganda.


Not sure how you take this as political propaganda, all I was basically saying is I was ignorant about Bulgaria’s part of the Euro-zone (one way or another).
Like you said, it’s a community, so I personally don’t feel like my comment was out of line in any way. I generally try to help people here, and sometimes do side comments, usually related about the topic.



Any updates on implementing BGN account?

Thanks. :slight_smile:


I would also like to see topping up and conversation option in BGN.


@AndreasK when we will have on option to top up BGN ? :thinking:


Hopefully, we will know on 25 Oct at RevRally Sofia…:roll_eyes:


Was there an event last night at all? :rofl:
I don’t see anything on the Betahaus website and the calendar is empty for 25th.


no BGN, the event was a disappointment, the public knew more things than the presenter…:joy:


Hoe do you mean “no BGN”, they have to implement it some time soon.

Seriously?? :smiley:


The greek guy just read the presentation that they gave him how to use :r: no answers when asked for BGN :frowning: also a lot of people left outside due to poor organization and in general people said that the event was a quite failure!

For what purpose :r: is making (or tried to make) something like an event to tell someone that already know what is :r: and tell to continue to pay in EUR and no BGN?! …:triumph: @AndreasK @rafael_revolut @JamesRevolut ?


It wouldn’t be this year for sure …


@AndreasK, we would appreciate a comment from your side on the matter. :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, we do not have an ETA yet. You will be able to see new currencies for top up soon :slight_smile:


I’m disappointed… When is that “soon”… Come on …
We don’t need new currencies for top up. We need BGN …