BEWARE of sudden transactions from Revolut


Hi All,

Let me explain the current situation that I’m facing since last night:

I received a transaction notification for around 360 Euros last night even though my balance was 0 EUR. This caused my Revolut balance to be -360 Euros . That same transaction was made in April 2016 but the card hold was released by the merchant as my order was cancelled. I asked CS on live chat why that transaction was back and why my balance was -360 Euros, I was told that their payment processor discovered this transaction and rectified it!! That hold was released by the merchant yet Revolut’s payment processor thinks that that it went through in April 2016!
This is creating a big nightmare for me as the whole issue occured right on my travel date, and will therefore make me more cautions in using Revolut.

I sent all the screenshots to @AndreasK and hopefully He will help solve this problem as live chat was not very helpful.


Wow that is possible with real credit card way. Revolut can advance money but unfortunately it is seen as a debit card now. @AndreasK but if that bug is not drama if I thought so only we have to protect customers that process in debt …


Hey @Anouar :slight_smile:

This has also happened to me. Three transactions from more than a year ago have been suddenly debited to my :r: account. The worst part is that they were frequent transactions and they expect us to trust :r: on the matter when, after more than a year, there’s no way to check if the transaction was processed correctly or not :angry:

@AndreasK, not the way.


Sorry to hear that @Juliopp!

Could you please drop me a DM so I can help you too?


But how is it possible that a transaction can be missed for over a year and no one knows if it was well processed or not?!


Mine was not missed. Transaction was refunded by the Merchant as they didn’t accept payment from cards that don’t support 3DS. After a year and half, Revolut debited my account with the same amount saying that the transaction went through in April 2016 .

I have emails from the merchant payment platform clearly saying that 3DS verification failed and amount refunded.

I have now filled a chargeback request with the help of @AndreasK


It’s :star2:Revomagic™, @pepe2124


Same has happened to me with an ATM at a hotel in the US.
I have had a brain ache trying to explain this to support today, who were adamant it’s all fine.
The problem was, the ATM didn’t dispense my requested amount and I actually had a refund for this, thanks to support back in September 2016. Come the 22nd and it’s came out once again, putting my balance into negative (I only top up when needed). It’s frustrating as I’m still sitting with this negative balance, even though support have stated they are looking into and archiving my support chat in the process.


Has anyone had any positive results?
I was told last year that a chargeback would be possible if the withdrawal processed.
Come today and now I’ve been told it’s not possible. It’s still not showing on my transaction history, either this year or last year. It actually still shows as being reversed, which is obviously the correct result, but now I’m still at a loss.
It’s frustrating, confusing and I am losing confidence.


I still didn’t hear from Revolut after filling a chargeback request.


Thanks Anouar. I hope it goes well.


I explained my problem two times and well… It wasn’t too successful


I’m contacting the Financial Ombudsman and Financial Conduct Authority. I’ve just asked for my case to be escalated via support. Still awaiting.

I’ve also raised a concern via Twitter.


More like Revoscam to me. Is now Revolut trying to profit from declined payments? This is too severe to not be explained by the support team!


Didn’t you get refunded? But isn’t the Revolut history a proof that the payment was declined and that the money didn’t leave the account? This is outrageous and shakes my confidence in Revolut…


I didn’t. My problematic transactions happened at different vending machines, and in some occasions the payment didn’t go through. Luckily, the amounts are ridiculous :money_mouth_face:

I have no way to match the transactions now, and I frankly don’t remember if the machine didn’t serve me my coffee 493 days ago. Nobody would.

Therefore, I’m allowing :r:'s support team and @AndreasK some time to give a detailed explanation (not “:kissing_closed_eyes: oopsie, the payment didn’t process last year so we’re doing it today”) and to provide a viable solution before filing a formal complaint (and any subsequent step needed), as it’s easy to understand this is being as troublesome for them as it is for us.


To give an update to the situation, I had my case escalated to senior support, whom has provided more helpful information, but still no positive result. He passed me the link to the complaints form and this is currently being filled out as we speak.
If it was a small amount, I’d have let it slip, but it’s upwards of $102.95 and at a time where Christmas is near and I have to budget accordingly, I don’t think this is something that should be taken lightly.

Refund then received shortly after

Then the money taken again this year

The reason for difference in the amount, is that the ATM tried to give 20 dollars as it didn’t have enough, but also failed to do this and effectively terminated itself to show “Out of order”.

The 22nd of November transaction actually does not show in the app’s history at all.


I wanted to provide an update to the status of this issue and can confirm that all has been resolved with regards to my particular case. I had a very kind and helpful support representative via Twitter who has helped bring an end to what was an absolute nightmare.
An email will be sent out to those affected very shortly, so please keep an eye on your emails.

Good luck all!


My transaction was refunded aswell.

This concludes a very worrying week, especially that this happened while I was in vacation and with a large amount ( over 360 euros)


Glad to hear @Anouar :slight_smile: